Aunt Agony

I was feeling down and had many questions but had no one to discuss with.

I remembered the agony aunt columns in magazines and felt that it would be great if there was one now.

I must have been too blinded by my own troubles. Of course there’s always aunt agony, but the name has changed. It is now Google (or sometimes Siri).

I tried googling ‘How to find direction in life’. Voila! Pages of advice. And so i tried googling several other random questions…..

My ‘favourite’ advisor for now is wikihow. Somehow wikihow has solutions for a wide range of questions. From ‘How to remove splinter’ to ‘How to start a New life’. Even comes with pictures. hah!

Nonetheless, after reading the answers, I am as confused or even more lost than before…..

If you have any better ideas, please share with me!

Thank you 😀


It has been a while…..

It has been a while since I last posted.

Three months thereabouts.

Time flies. Felt like I just blogged yesterday though I kinda struggled to remember the exact words used in my last entry.  I will struggle too if I try to remember what I ate yesterday.

In the past three months,

  1. I took on a temporary job. Learned something new on the job.
  2. Got to know some people on the job.
  3. Went on a trip to Disneyland.
  4. Came back to Earth and remembered I haven’t blogged in a while.

Not bad, time more more changes the next three months?

Que Sera Sera.



Snake and Ladders

Life is like a game of snake and ladders. Yes, an old school game. Fun, nonetheless once in a while.

For the uninitiated, snake and ladders involve a board with numbers and pictures of snakes and ladders. *See picture*


You throw a dice and race to the top, going up lucky ladders or falling down when you meet slippery snakes.  (Psst, let me know if you need someone to play with!)

To cut the story short, life is full of ups and downs. You just need to continue rolling the dice to move on.

I met a group of mums (working and non working) today at an event organised by mums at work. The meet up was a brainstorming session to discuss how corporates and government can help women returning to the workforce.

It was an interesting session to hear from mums from different backgrounds. I found one mum quite interesting. She is self employed, which allowed her the flexibility to plan her schedule and not be tied down by fixed work hours. She is full of energy and has a head full of ideas to encourage Mums to be entrepreneurs.

Happy to have met an inspiring person today. Sometimes you just need that one spark to carry you forward.

Have a blessed day!

First blog post

First blog post! Yay! Finally managed to sit down and put into action what I learned in WordPress class.

Since I am not working currently, thought I could make use of my time as well as the skillsfuture credit $500. After months of contemplating how I can spend this ‘free’ money, I settled on basic WordPress course.

With this sudden burst of interest to upgrade myself (and being more website savvy or whatever you call it), I grabbed my 5year old Vaio and plonked myself in a classroom at Oasia Hotel.

Why WordPress? (1) Because it cost $198 and I can use the remainder for other courses (2) Because creating own website is kinda cool? (3) Because I have lots of time on hand (4) Because the course is held at some swanky new hotel (5) Because bff wants to go with me!

Back to the course. I have ZERO knowledge of wordpress, so I guess it was an eye opening experience. I think its quite an easy tool to use, should not be too complicated (hopefully, since I’m quite a tech idiot).

Okay so here’s the first blog post to start my WordPress journey. If you see more on this site, that would mean I’ve mastered this. Wish me luck. 🙂