Snake and Ladders

Life is like a game of snake and ladders. Yes, an old school game. Fun, nonetheless once in a while.

For the uninitiated, snake and ladders involve a board with numbers and pictures of snakes and ladders. *See picture*


You throw a dice and race to the top, going up lucky ladders or falling down when you meet slippery snakes.  (Psst, let me know if you need someone to play with!)

To cut the story short, life is full of ups and downs. You just need to continue rolling the dice to move on.

I met a group of mums (working and non working) today at an event organised by mums at work. The meet up was a brainstorming session to discuss how corporates and government can help women returning to the workforce.

It was an interesting session to hear from mums from different backgrounds. I found one mum quite interesting. She is self employed, which allowed her the flexibility to plan her schedule and not be tied down by fixed work hours. She is full of energy and has a head full of ideas to encourage Mums to be entrepreneurs.

Happy to have met an inspiring person today. Sometimes you just need that one spark to carry you forward.

Have a blessed day!


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