First blog post

First blog post! Yay! Finally managed to sit down and put into action what I learned in WordPress class.

Since I am not working currently, thought I could make use of my time as well as the skillsfuture credit $500. After months of contemplating how I can spend this ‘free’ money, I settled on basic WordPress course.

With this sudden burst of interest to upgrade myself (and being more website savvy or whatever you call it), I grabbed my 5year old Vaio and plonked myself in a classroom at Oasia Hotel.

Why WordPress? (1) Because it cost $198 and I can use the remainder for other courses (2) Because creating own website is kinda cool? (3) Because I have lots of time on hand (4) Because the course is held at some swanky new hotel (5) Because bff wants to go with me!

Back to the course. I have ZERO knowledge of wordpress, so I guess it was an eye opening experience. I think its quite an easy tool to use, should not be too complicated (hopefully, since I’m quite a tech idiot).

Okay so here’s the first blog post to start my WordPress journey. If you see more on this site, that would mean I’ve mastered this. Wish me luck. 🙂


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